We endeavor to make this registry a central clearinghouse to find Durham based businesses that have achieved Legacy status and tell the best story of the impact of Durham Legacy business in our community.

Acceptance to the Registry will be based on criteria for designating a business as Legacy in Durham:

  • A business located in Durham (City and County)
  • In operation consecutively (without breaks) for 15 (fifteen) or more years,
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Typically has less than 20 employees
  • The business has a community/cultural connection,
  • The business is accessible, and
  • The business is interested in continuing a long-term presence in Durham

To be considered for the registry, you must

  • Visit www.durhamlegacybc.com
  • Complete the survey on the site.  (The survey questions help filter Pre-Eligible businesses, new business, non-Durham based businesses from the Legacy eligible businesses.)
  • Complete an interview with a Durham Legacy Business Connect team member,
  • Submit any requested documents or attestation
  • The survey is an application to determine eligibility. Your information (submitted and interviewed) will be reviewed by a committee and a determination for which businesses best represent the story of the impact of Durham Legacy businesses on the community.
  • The Registry is updated every 3-4 months. It is possible that your interview was not performed yet, or you will be in the next update, or you have not responded to a request for an interview, or you have not presented requested information.
  • Users will come to the site
  • They will be directed to search either names or topic areas
  • Your business will appear
  • People can select your business to learn about.
  • Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Logo
  • Photo of or from the business(if available)
  • Times of business
  • General Overview

Contact [email protected] to submit edits to your information. You must give 4-6 weeks to complete the request.